Leak of Black Ops 2 Details Are Promising, Futuristic

On May 1st, there will be a new Call of Duty reveal during the basketball playoffs on TNT. Well, people can’t wait that long and that’s why we have leaks. Not only has a rumor site got their grimy little hands on possible details on Black Ops 2 multiplayer information, but popular YouTube channel FPSRussia has done a not-so-subtle viral teaser to whet your Call of Duty appetite.

Charlie Intel has one big list of multiplayer details which includes new game modes, perks, and weapons. The game modes themselves are all radically different from traditional deathmatch or domination, having special objectives as simple as escorting someone to a team controlled helicopter that acts as your spawn point. Another big thing is the rumor of a melee weapon specific slot, allowing you to choose from the classic knife, a tactical knife, and even tactical hammer for those pesky riot shield players.

Finally comes FPSRussia’s video demonstration of the quadrotor drone with attached submachine gun. The drone pretty much looks like an AR Drone from Brookstone with a few cosmetic changes like a new chassis and a vaguely gun-looking object hanging beneath it. It comes back down to Earth near the end when the host uses the phrase, “This thing just might be in the next Call of Duty game.” Which makes sense as I don’t think any military will let a prototype 15 years in development get blown up on YouTube.