PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale is a Reality

Rumored since late last year, Sony has finally pulled the veil off of their mascot fighting game, developed by SuperBot Entertainment. The character roster includes Sweet Tooth, Kratos, Fat Princess, Parappa, and more, all brawling in front of iconic Sony locales. Unlike Smash Bros. however, Sony’s universe is filled with deeper, adult themes, so these stages are certainly of a more intense, adult-ish variety.

Previews bill Battle Royale for what it is: A Smash Bros. clone with a new skin. The frenzied, uncontrolled nature of the brawling looks intact, with players battling for AP points, leading to franchise-inspired specials.

Sony is relaying more information come E3, including more of the character roster. Battle Royale is on Sony’s slate for a 2012 release, likely a holiday season affair.


Groupon Unveils in Madison

Wireless News June 18, 2010 go to site groupon denver

Wireless News 06-18-2010 Groupon Unveils in Madison Type: News

Groupon, a shopping website that offers a daily deal on the best local goods, services and cultural events across the U.S., Canada and Europe, launched in Madison on June 9.

“Madison is a hub for arts and entertainment and was recently named as one of the best places to live in the U.S., making it a great city to launch Groupon,” said Groupon founder Andrew Mason. “We’ll offer residents and students unbeatable deals on the best things to eat, do, see and buy, while generating an influx of new customers for local merchants.”

“Groupon brings buyers and sellers together in a fun and collaborative way,” said Mason. “We offer the consumer a great deal they can’t get anywhere else and deliver the sales directly to the merchant.” go to site groupon denver

During its first week in Madison, Groupon’s featured deals included a creperie, canoe rentals and pub grub. Upcoming features include a salon, comedy classes and Indonesian cuisine. Groupon is also live in the Wisconsin city of Milwaukee.

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