Pokemon Black And White Event for Darkrai Coming Soon

I feel like I’ve already got a Darkrai but now I know why. I got him from a Gamestop event during Diamond and Pearl‘s generation. Darkrai is now coming back but this time as a Black and White distribution event.

So turn on your Nintendo DS with your copy of Pokemon Black or White and fire up that Mystery Gift on May 9th. It’s still unknown what it will have access to but Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon for a reason. Its unique attack, Dark Void, is one of the more accurate sleep inducing attacks. It also synergizes well with its unique ability, Bad Dreams, which inflicts passive damage to sleeping opponents every turn.

It’s also naturally fast and powerful. It’s in the uber tier for a reason after all. And now, you don’t even need to leave your house to get it! Just a wireless connection for your DS to connect to.

via Serebii

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