God of War: Ascension Goes Multiplayer; Gaming World Baffled

The prequel fourth entry in the console line of God of War titles from Sony Santa Monica will contain multiplayer. No, not co-op, but actual versus combat in the midst of titanic struggles with multi-screen sized beasts.

The idea is to mimic single player, where teams of four take part in terrorties-ish maps, the winner receiving the chance to slaughter the beastie in question.

God of War joins a growing list of, “Why does this thing have multiplayer?” games, a trend which has seen single player outings like Dead Space, Rage, Uncharted, and Assassin’s Creed turn into versus play fronts. In nearly all instances, it reeks of squeezing additional dollars from players, because online passes can be the norm, and multiplayer DLC is infinitely easier (and faster) to deliver.

Where as it can be seen as an extension of Uncharted -people are shooting each other after all- God of War’s entire satisfaction comes in only two forms: slaughtering circling hordes of mythological baddies and set pieces. That cannot be recreated in a multiplayer environment.

With this move, Sony is clinging to a marketable concept, and tagging along comes multiplayer, which will undoubtedly be barren in a few months post-release. Everyone wants a piece of Call of Duty-like numbers, without sensing that those numbers exist only within Activision’s walls. People like familiarity, not shoehorned modes meant to soak their wallets.