Joy Ride Becomes First Kinect Series to Drop Kinect

Here’s the series of events leading us to where we are now: Joy Ride was announced as a customizable, controller-based free Xbox Live Arcade game. When it was announced again, the game morphed into a Kinect exclusive driving game where families held their hands out in the air to drive the car. Oh, and it was full price retail at the launch of the motion camera.

Now, Joy Ride Turbo is a sequel that is going (mostly) back to the original roots. It won’t be free, but it will be landing on the Live Arcade and be controlled with, well, a controller. It will come packed with three race modes (including time trial) and a stunt mode which wackier track designs. The usual round of upgrades purchased with in-game funds will keep you playing, or so says the press release. One can safely assume there’s some DLC add-ons planned too.