Elder Scrolls Online Is Officially Real

Do you think an Elder Scrolls MMO makes too much sense? So does everyone else. And now everyone else includes Bethesda, because they’ve officially announced The Elder Scrolls Online.

Everything rumored before seems to be true. Three factions fighting for the control of the Emperor’s throne, a┬ámillennium┬ábefore the events of Skyrim. Something newly revealed is the main antagonizing force behind it all. Daedric prince of domination, Molag Bal, is working behind the scenes to drag Tamriel into his plane of Oblivion. Any more details like its solo quests and sprawling dungeons will be revealed in Game Informer’s June issue.

The cover is also obviously an Ouroboros, the self-destructive beast which consumes itself and represents an eternal cycle of life and death. It’ll be interesting to see how the symbol factors into the MMO.

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