Week in Arcade: Minecraft – Xbox 360 Edition

The Next Arcade promotion closes with an expensive XBLA title that certainly has its share of interest behind it.

Minecraft – Xbox 360 Edition

Well, it’s Minecraft. Mojang’s indie darling is hitting a service where the indie section is dominated with $1-$3 knock-offs, so who knows if the real thing will prove successful. It should, this port quick to produce a slick interface and the dual analog controls prove more than sufficient. Most will probably be happy just to have it on their home systems as opposed to their PC monitors. Users are reporting bugs with regards to the save system, so be warned that it might not be ready for primetime quite yet. A sale may also come with less bug-riddled functionality too. In the end, it’s Minecraft, it’s on the Xbox 360, and it plays like it should.