GAME Customers Lose Diablo III Pre-orders, Blizzard Helps

Australian customers of retailer GAME woke up to a shock. Not only would they lose the copy of Diablo III they pre-ordered, the money they laid out is also gone. There are no refunds.

GAME has entered arbitration, meaning it’s time to pay off creditors with the assets they have. A person who gave them $60 is almost meaningless in a business where millions change hands between companies. The highest owed creditors are paid first, and when the funds run out, those that remain simply don’t get paid. That’s the side the customers fall on.

Recourse? Not much. GAME is under no legal obligation to give refunds or provide the software.

However, if you have a receipt, Blizzard will issue a refund for your paid amount if you buy a copy of Diablo III digitally through them before May 21st. Classy move.