Week in Arcade: Sonic 4 – Episode II, JAM Live Music

A dual release week with the next set of adventures for Sonic and music jammin’.

Sonic 4 – Episode II

Sega has clearly listened to the community. Episode II features the more familiar physics that drive Sonic through these brilliantly colorful worlds. There is no need for an adjustment period. That said, it makes this second episode feel more in line with a direct sequel than an extension. At $15, it’s bulky on price too, especially considering the countless times Episode I saw a discount. Level designs and improvements all around, however, do make this follow-up an attractive proposition though. It screams classic Sonic (now with Tails!), so that may be enough to draw in the audience targeted.

JAM Live Music Arcade

Fans still not tired of music games have something different to to with here. Using the guitar (or the controller), players mix and match different beats, vocal tracks, and more, to create a mix of music that matches your own tastes. The effects can make pure noise, or deliver authentic to the artist beats. Experimentation is most of the fun, although those trained to play along with the tracks will be less inclined to give this a shot. You’re not playing the music so much as you are toying with its elements. It’s a cool experiment if you want something different.