Diablo III Launch Met with Anger Over Online Connectivity

Diablo III’s launch has not gone well. Muddying the excitement of a decade-plus wait was Blizzard’s decision to push online connectivity, whether you’re playing solo or not. The game is generated server side, so while the lay of the land may be set in stone, spawning loot is not. This can cause hiccups whether one or four people are questing… assuming you can get into the game at all.

From the rampant error 37 to a myriad of others, players who spent their time trying to log-in were met with nothing but grief. Blizzard’s forums ran rampant with complaints and reports, but of course, it was too late for most players since the purchase was made. All they can do it wait.

The online side is part piracy prevention (you can’t pirate a server) and part auction house functionality. Players made substantial sums with rare in-game items in Diablo II, and Blizzard can now act as a middleman in those sales. Note because of the hubbub, the auction house has been delayed until things clear up.