Jeepers Creepers! Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Sold 1 Million Copies in Five Days

Many people scoffed at the idea of Minecraft coming to a console platform. Many still denounced the game after release for being a dumbed down port. But the numbers don’t lie. As of yesterday, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has sold 1 million copies in a span of five days. For comparison, I found out that 2010’s critically successful Red Dead Redemption sold 1.8 million copies and that certainly didn’t happen in five days. Minecraft‘s Xbox 360 port alone is on it’s way to being known as a sales success and it hasn’t even been over a week yet.

Keep in mind that the game is currently the equivalent of beta 1.6 of the PC version, which is roughly from October of last year. Imagine the possible buyers who are simply waiting for the free updates to come down the pipe before investing in the console port. Until then, I’m content with tearing down the entire front wall of my house and replacing it with obsidian blocks. Because there are a lot of Creepers blowing up in Minecraft and yet there are no insurance agencies.

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