Week in Arcade – Part Deux: Dragon’s Lair

A Friday release for a title released in abundance, and now on XBLA.

Dragon’s Lair

The world wasn’t requesting another do over of Dragon’s Lair, but when there’s a new peripheral, there’s an excuse for another version. Here we signal in a new era with Kinect, which makes the fast timing animated adventure just as unplayable as you think it would. Thankfully, the control options allow for more tightly wound d-pad/button inputs, so you’re safe. The video is culled from the same master used for the HD DVD and Blu-ray releases, although far more compressed and lacking pizazz. At $10, it’s not the end of the world, but considering you can play this Don Bluth piece on just about everything else you own, there’s nothing special enough here to warrant a purchase.