Bungie’s Next Game Codenamed “Destiny,” Microsoft Timed Exclusive

In the battle over Call of Duty, setting a stage for an Activision/Jason West and Vincent Zampella courtroom war, documents have outed some details over Bungie’s next game. After leaving Microsoft and the Halo series behind, the developer turned to Activision to create four “sci-fantasy” titles. The series will see a new game every other year, currently working within the name Destiny.

The first game is slated for the next generation Xbox and the Xbox 360, with PC and Sony’s hardware following after an exclusive period. At last year’s GDC, Bungie had confirmed their efforts were being put towards an MMO, also coded Destiny. The contract includes a stipulation that Destiny must receive a Metacritic rating of 90 or higher, a controversial tactic that blew up in March of this year over a Fallout expansion.

There are also contractual words referencing a do-over of Bungie’s first Mac shooter, Marathon.