CCP Gives Us a Closer Look at Dust 514

So EVE Online is a sprawling MMORPG that involves mega-corporations and space travel that never really stops. Players have been known to engage in acts of espionage to gather data on their real life rivals! So you’d never really think that CCP would want to make Dust 514, a spin-off FPS to flesh out the EVE Online world more. Which is why this video diary was released to put some perspective on the whole thing.

There’s also a healthy bit of interesting gameplay revealed in the video along with some choice tidbits on some of the game’s core concepts. Clans will be in the game but will be called Corporations, following EVE‘s themes. Objectives gametypes in Dust 514 will also revolve around the very resources you currently fight over in EVE Online. There will also be miniguns and tanks, so that’s also your standard flavor of cool.

Dust 514has actually gathered the attention of several of my FPS savvy peers, so it’ll be interesting to see this giant name of the MMO world step in as a relative nobody in the FPS genre.

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