Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack Dated for May 29

Following a roller coaster of confirmations and debunking for Mass Effect 3‘s Rebellion Pack, Bioware has finally confirmed and announced the pack with all the details plus a solid date of May 29. Not only that, but this multiplayer expansion pack for Mass Effect 3 is once again free, so long as you redeemed the online pass that is.

The actual DLC stays pretty close to the rumors such as the new male Quarian, Vorcha, and the new maps. But Bioware has officially revealed the brand new Ex-Cerberus Vanguard and Adept, a new equipment slot which can strengthen characteristics of your character without being consumed at the end of the mission, and three new weapons: the Harrier Assault Rifle, Reegar Carbine Shotgun, and Krysae Sniper Rifle. In addition to all that, a new objective-type has been added to the objective rounds which involves an item escort to complete.

All in all, this pack sounds like another solid expansion to the multiplayer component. While the male Quarian Infiltrator has an interesting sounding Tactical Scan ability, my interest in playing as Ex-Cerberus has certainly been piqued.

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