UbiSoft Apologizes for Lack of Split-screen Campaign in Latest Ghost Recon

Anyone who purchased a copy of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to play couch co-op through the campaign are finding themselves mightily disappointed. Despite retailer listings suggesting otherwise (including UbiSoft’s own online store), the game does NOT feature local co-op. Reads an official statement:

“We’ve been made aware of the presence of outdated information on UbiShop and several retailer sites stating split screen, cooperative play is available in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier‘s campaign… We have ensured the information has been updated on the sites affected by this.”

That line suggests that, at some point, it was in fact included. Somewhere down the line, the feature was nixed, almost certainly for technical limitations. That doesn’t answer the question however as to what UbiSoft will be doing for those customers who purchased the title under the idea that they would have access.