The Sims Social Wants You Back Like It’s The 1920s

Keeping players in online games can be hard. Bringing them back might be even harder. The Sims Social wants to guilt you back into the game, but through a more sexist tone.

Some people might be familiar with the scenario of the couple that broke up but the woman believes its her fault. So she tries to convince her man that they belong together and she’s useless without him. She’s already cleaned the house. Who knows what else she’d do to bring her man back. Well, EA thinks you’re the man and The Sims Social is a social pariah who doesn’t have a life outside her boyfriend.

This is the kind of PR stunt that attracts tons of negative criticism. Keep in mind that The Sims holds broad appeal across gamers. The letter simply sets itself up for a big fall if we’re already in the mind set of a helpless woman if she says she’d be inspired if you came back to her.

Inspired? Sha-wing!

via Destructoid

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