E3 2012: Nintendo Delivers MiiVerse, Off-Console Functionality

Nintendo is broadening the online approach with their Wii U console, determined to bring people together with a renewed focus on togetherness. Players will be able to utilize the “MiiVerse,” a super version of the current Mii Plaza where both friends and strangers gather to discuss currently played games, with the ability to post messages, drawings, and game tips. There’s also a video chat feature, wherein the Wii U Gamepad -the re-branded tablet-esque controller- serves as a camera device.

Extended functionality will leak out onto the smart phone universe where those conversations may continue, although that feature will not be available at launch. Web browsing from the tablet to the TV screen is also an option, turning the Wii U into a multifaceted device even before the full E3 press conference which for Nintendo, puts them in the limelight on Tuesday.