E3 2012: Sony’s Press Conference – The Rundown

Sony’s keynote took place at the L.A. Sports Arena, opening with video montage that covers a little of everything in their line-up, third party or otherwise. Jack Tretton is the first to take the stage, humbled by the reactions to these shows and then delivers a salute to Kaz Harai. Quantic Dream’s David Cage is first up on the development side.

Beyond title crawl lights up the screen. The game follows 15 years of a character’s life named Jodie Holmes, one who connects with the other side of reality, I.e, death. The lead will be played by Ellen Page. A live demo follows. Facial animation is approaching uncanny territory. Gameplay remains a mystery.

Tretton is back up to dish on the “Micheal” ad campaign, which turns into PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. The game will be coming to Vita which will include cross-play, which in this case, lets portable players fight against PS3 players live in the same match.

Little Big Planet 2 will have DLC which allows the Vita to act as a controller with touch features, in addition to cross-play features. A game called Unfinished Swan is announced in a teaser image, one of 200 games coming to PSN.

PlayStation Plus will be “amplified” with more free games, including Infamous 2, Saints Row 2, and Little Big Planet 2. PS1 classics are due for Vita this summer, beginning with Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII.

Onto video briefly, Hulu Plus and Crackle are hitting the Vita soon. Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified will be the Vita debut of the franchise, followed by the reveal of Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation for the unit, which will debut a white console. This moves the show into the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed 3, a look exclusive to Sony’s show. Ship-to-ship combat bolsters the scale of the series for sure.

Far Cry 3 is being demoed by UbiSoft’s Dan Hay, debuting four-player co-op,which is different than the single player campaign. The game will carry free, exclusive DLC. From there, we’re moving onto PS Move. A trailer debuts for some type of AR game called Wonderbook. It brings a child’s physical book to life on the screen with PS Eye. J.K. Rowling will be involved with her book called Book of Spells. A live stage demo follows. If you’ve played an AR Card title, you get the idea.

PlayStation Suite is being featured with Android/iOS connectivity. HTC becomes the first partner to share the Suite. The name however is changing to PlayStation Mobile, so a sentence has become outdated in under two minutes, a new record.

God of War is up next. The booming music is unmistakable. Into a live demo we go. It’s a dock area with the expected scale of the franchise in full force, due March 13th, 2013.. Last of Us is coming up, a live demo for the first time. Violence is heavy, angry, and forceful, enough to close the show.