Week in Arcade: Virtua Fighter 5, Bang Bang Racing

For a total of $25, you too can own dual brand new XBLA games!

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

A tweak of Virtua Fighter 5 that feels more like a DLC showcase than anything else. Die-hards will certainly find the minute additions and swaps to the gameplay enthralling, while surface levels fans will wonder why a $15 has an equal dollar amount of DLC available on the first day. For those players, the standard edition of Virtua Fighter 5 is only $15 new on Amazon. Regardless, you’re getting one of the deepest fighting experiences you could imagine, but unless you’re super hardcore, you can pass on this digital offering.

Bang Bang Racing

A fun little top down racer with actual licensed cars -albeit in super deformed style- zipping around tracks with growing hazards as the race takes off. Cars have a weight to them, something rarely afforded to the vehicles in this sub genre. The camera is a bit on the cramped side, but the twists and curves within the course design typically reveals enough to make it manageable without memorization. It’s a bit mechanically dry, doing little beyond some N20 and regular pit stops to keep the cars in top shape, but there’s enough to the driving to keep it appealing.