European League of Legends Servers Hacked

Riot Games has announced that the European servers to League of Legends have been compromised, with data like emails and encrypted passwords being stolen in the hack. It seems that the information stolen isn’t enough to completely ruin someone’s life, but precautionary steps should be taken for security’s sake.

Hackers targeted EU West and EU Nordic & East servers and stole emails, passwords, summoner names, date of births, and a small number of people had their first and last name stolen. A small percentage of security questions and answers were stolen as well but Riot Games has clarified that the security question method isn’t used in account recovery anymore.

Luckily, no billing information was stolen, so no one should be seeing crazy credit card bills in the coming days. Riot Games has since fixed the exploit hackers used to access this information and has also emailed the affected European player base to suggest that they change their passwords as a precaution. Riot Games is going the extra mile and hiring investigative experts to help bring the hackers to justice and prevent future hacks.

League of Legends Account Security Alert from League of Legends

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