Jimmy Fallon Shows Why the Wii U Will Struggle for Success

I’ll admit it: I had no idea the Wii U was an actual console back in 2011 when it debuted at E3. It took a series of tweets from a bunch of industry people to finally sort it out to nail the explanation that yes, the Wii U wasn’t just a controller. Later, Satoru Iwata admitted the goof and sought to add clarification. He hasn’t.

Flash forward a year. CNN doesn’t have a clue what the Wii U is. Gamer-friendly late night host Jimmy Fallon, who is letting his stage be a showcase for Nintendo, doesn’t know what the Wii U is either.

What is the Wii U? Well, it’s Nintendo’s successor to the Wii of course, something you likely say with a smug sense of satisfaction because you’re part of the gaming elite. Good for you, but Nintendo isn’t selling the Wii U to you. They still want that wide audience. The message going out to them is jumbled. Even if corrections are made (and they have been), the directness of the marketing isn’t there. It’s all scattered about as people send mixed messages and confuse those who are supposed to salivating for this latest generation.

Nintendo almost seems apprehensive about the hardware itself, possibly scared the internals aren’t up to snuff or it’s not some grand innovation technically. It’s just a white (or black) box, right? But, by failing to showcase the console itself, it almost seems like Nintendo has something to hide. What’s under the hood? What functions does it have? The controller has been dissected ad nauseum. Let’s see something new Nintendo, and in the process, clarify some of the most basic details on your hardware. It shouldn’t be this difficult.