Week in Arcade: Magic 2013, Jeremy McGrath’s Off-Road

Two games this week, both of them seeking $10 from your virtual wallet.

Magic 2013

Not being much of a Magic fan slims down the potential to offer thoughts on this latest yearly entry to the franchise. Ten decks and three-way multiplayer seems like a bonus, and the animations are intriguing. That’s something. As the series moves forward though, it’s hard to tell why these need $15 “new” games and not simply expansions on the previous. Insert obvious Madden joke here.

Jeremy McGrath’s Off-Road

The last time video game fans found themselves sucked into the world of Jeremy McGrath was back on the Gamecube in 2001. That hiatus has brought us here to the world off truck off-roading, a first for McGrath who is usually spotted on a dirt bike in his gaming endeavors. This one dives into the world of rally racing, soft corners and kicked up dirt galore. A solid frame rate makes hitting those turns a joy, and course design loves the idea of even more cornering. Off-road isn’t doing anything in particular special, but does everything well enough to be engaging. A career mode will keep people occupied with earned XP for leveling, and the community can unlock an additional course through continued play. Nice work.