Get Your First Look At Mojang’s Scrolls

If you don’t know Scrolls, you probably know Minecraft. Everyone remembers the game for its legal battle but now people will actually be able to form opinions. And early opinions based on the trailer are not pretty.

Scrolls, the next game from Mojang, will be a card battle game and will use the same “paid beta” model as Minecraft. Early adopters can get in on all the buggy action and try out singleplayer, multiplayer, and a deck building mode. Those who play the game during its closed alpha will be able to buy the open beta for a reduced price.

That is of course, if it’s good. Gameplay and card game mechanics aside, it’s funny how the game is getting criticized for its graphics when we all know this game is being made by the same people who received compliments that their previous game’s graphics were quirky. Hopefully soon, the mechanics of what’s going on in the trailer will be clarified though. I don’t even understand Yu-Gi-Oh.

Mojang just unrolled a new Scrolls trailer via Destructoid