Pyromania Launches on Team Fortress 2 With Macabre Glee

It’s been a while since Team Fortress 2 received a big, hype worthy update but with the release of Meet the Pyro, TF2‘s latest update could only be named one thing: Pyromania.

Day one on Monday announced the new mode in a misleading way. While initially believed to be called Doomsday, it turns out that Doomsday is actually the name of the lone map supporting the new mode, Special Delivery. In this mode, both teams race to be the one to deliver a suitcase of fuel to a rocketship in order to take credit for sending supplies to the American monkeynaut, Poopy Joe.

Day two saw the announcement of new items for four classes. Of particular important was the fact that the Scout and Sniper finally received new versions of weapons they had yet to get updates of. Most new Scout weapons were break-action shotguns and the Sniper had yet to receive a new secondary SMG weapon. But the Scout finally gets a new scattergun called the Baby Face’s Blaster and the Sniper gets an SMG called The Cleaner’s Carbine, among other weapons announced.

Finally, day three not only released the long awaited Meet the Pyro video, but also the new, crazy Candyland-looking weapons for the Pyro. The biggest being a pair of goggles anyone can wear that instantly turns the violent world of TF2 into a sugary sweet realm of G-rated cartoon glee filled with rainbows and sparkles.

The update is all ready, so get to setting people on fire or sparkles, depending on your grip on reality.

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