Week in Arcade: Spelunky, Bellator MMA

A dual release week looking to dig into your pocketbook to the tune of $30 for both.


How awesome is this game? So awesome mere words cannot describe it. Even Chuck Norris must acknowledge its greatness. Players control a miner in a test of their own mind to determine just how far greed can push them down a series of randomly generated (and destructible) mines. Dollar signs tick upward as gold, diamonds, idols, and other lost adventurers are discovered, with more promising treasures still buried below. Utter simplicity is backed by a grand musical score that is peppy enough to set a mood, and deep visuals are cartoony enough to make the gooey spike deaths feel passe. A must buy.

Bellator MMA

Miles ahead of the other arcade style MMA fighter Supremacy, this is a speedy, heavy-handed take on MMA. The digital effort has some simplicity in its motions, but they translate into easy, pick up & play controls. Playing like a strict, traditional fighter (with health bars) means matches have a more traditional gaming pace and is less reliant on random knockouts. Stamina is the only aspect that will stopĀ  full on assault. What is lacks in intricacy, it gains in accessibility without being patently offensive to the sport. It feels an awful lot like the first UFC titles back on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 1 in actuality, and that’s refreshing.