Street Fighter x Tekken Releases $20 DLC Characters July 31st

The dozen fighters which were disc-locked when Street Fighter x Tekken was released are being unbound from their digital prisons July 31st.  The brawler list is as follows: Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Jack, Bryan Fury, Alisa, Lars, Lei and Christie.

Vita owners who pick up the portable version will have all of these characters unlocked from the start. Those who own both a Vita and a PS3 can share these DLC characters between consoles at no extra charge. Xbox 360 owners have no options other than paying the $20. A character balance patch is also being released alongside the DLC, that luckily coming free of charge.

A Capcom statement reads as follows: “We can cite our reasons why they were on the disc all day – compatability for all players, save HD space, download bandwidth etc – but in the end you have to hear what the community has to say.”

Never mind that none of those become issues if the characters were unlocked for all in the beginning.