MultiplayerGames’ Indie Cred: Super Avatar Fighting Tournament

This isn’t the first Avatar fighting game featured within Indie Cred, but it’s the best of the bunch so far. Super Avatar Fighting Tournament is a wonderful mixture of one-on-one fighting games, mixed with immense customization that could completely alter the way it plays.

Players choose from three disciplines which can be mixed and matched to create phantom styles, toying with the base elements as well as the special moves. Gameplay is a bit jittery but consistent, while the meat of the title lies in versus play. Going solo pits your own Avatar against your friends list, interesting if you have someone donning Master Chief armor. It’s likely as close as you’ll get to seeing Master Chief in a fighter.

The real heart lies in customization though, where fighting game fans can tweak and alter to their own amusement. Everything from hit boxes to frames of animation (and their collision) can be tweaked for every move in the game. You can make or break the game on your own terms. That’s a lot of potential fun for a buck.