Have You Checked Your Xbox Live Rep Lately?

Xbox Live rep is one of those things you’ve likely forgotten about. It’s a safe wager most online members of Xbox Live have. It’s an option buried in your profile, and doesn’t amount to much. It’s a loose measure of how the community sees you in six different categories.

Other players can file complaints against and avoid you based on this set of criteria. Trash talk, language, disruptive, aggressive, unsporting, and quit early are those six measures of your online friendliness, but how it all comes together as a measurement is anyone’s guess.

For instance: In 5,000+ games of Halo -across multiple titles- I’ve quit maybe three total games early, being a strong believing in finishing no matter the circumstances. Despite that, my rating for quitting early is at 33%, a perfect rating being 0. However, my language rating depicts me as a saint, despite a mouth that could send the more conservative types into a seizure. See, I’m at one with my faults…

Your rep becomes that star rating next to your profile. The worse your rating, the lower your star count. However, that doesn’t seem to be directly tied to the percentages; I stand strong at five stars. Not enough people hate me apparently. The Xbox Live enforcement team is supposed to look into these circumstances, and I’m sure they do. If a flurry of people suddenly take a dislike to your tactics or methods and being bombing your account, they likely take a look. One wonders what the cut-off point is. If a rating somehow reaches 75%, are you in trouble?

I’m writing this more or less as a reminder to double check your current status. It’s an oddball look at how people see you, or rather see you across the span of the internet. Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself, or realize how goofy the rep system can be.

And maybe I quit four games…

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