Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’s Next Update Includes Customization And Pistons

There’s a lot of ground for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft to cover if it ever hopes to catch up to the PC version. That is if they’re planning on replicating the experience that is. But there is one thing the PC version won’t have when the 360 version’s update 1.7.3 drops on July 13: paid customizable skins.

On the PC version, you only need to upload properly formatted images to Minecraft’s official site to change your character’s appearance. Update 1.7.3 for the 360 will introduce purchasable skins to use from the Xbox Live Marketplace, with around 40 skins being available between update 1.7.3 and the future Skins Pack 1. Confirmed characters besides the above picture include Ms. Splosion Man and Clayton Carmine from Gears of War 3. Of course, if you actually dislike feeding the corporate machine your money, the update will also offer you the option to pick from one of the eight available costumes of Steve that are normally only handed out among multiplayer sessions.

The update will also include pistons and their sticky counterparts for those creative redstone creations you’ve been dreaming up, as well as a change to TNT so that they only ignite from redstone circuits or a flint and steel tool.

Like the mystery Friday updates from the PC version’s early days, a few extra updates aren’t on the changelist. So it’s up to users to find out those secret updates and let the rest of us stir crazy builders know.

You can find the rest of the known changelist on VentureBeat.


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