Week in Arcade: Dungeon Fighter, Quantum Conumdrum, Zuma

Yes, it’s late, but in the spirit of completeness, here’s a rundown of last week’s trio of Live Arcade games.

Dungeon Fighter Live

Someone took a free MMO, sliced it up, put a price on it, and created this. And this? “This” is awesome. Sure, it’s clumsy in terms of item management and functionality, but as a reprieve from the hum drum of mouse clicking action RPGs, Dungeon Fighter is superb. This throwback brings with it the spirit of Capcom’s glorious dual arcade Dungeons & Dragons games, expands it, and keeps the tight, snappy gameplay. The game loses a little punch in the back half (it is a 15-hour beat-em-up), online play is a bit confusing, but the looting is top notch.

Quantum Conundrum

Taking the concept of Portal and removing the portals, Quantum revolves around shifting gravitational fields. Players can add or lighten the pull of the unseen force to work around devilishly difficult yet fun puzzles, and that’s only the start with five dimensions. Switches and boxes are everywhere, but so is the slightly mad voice work as the player winds through an exaggerated mansion. It’s visually exciting and mind-bendingly pleasing.

Zuma’s Revenge

It’s Zuma. You shoot balls, the balls match, you win. Or not because Zuma becomes outright nasty in its later stages. A few new modes and animal bosses are fun, but it’s Zuma. Ownership comes down to whether or not you already have this on hundreds of other devices, and if you’ve had your fix (probably not).