Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Hitting XBLA

August 22nd, 2012 brings with it a rather odd title in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, one of the outliers in Capcom’s roster of post-Street Fighter II titles. Rampant nonsensical colors, utter ridiculousness being passed off for standard moves, and genuine energy highlight this goofy rumble fest. The last time players had their chance at Jojo was back on the Dreamcast which stood alone as the sole home port, and well, it still is for a little while.

The XBLA and PSN ports will offer online play, lobbies with viewing rooms (eight players), and an ugly visual filter if the sight of any jaggie is too much to bear. Others see it as a desecration to an art. Note that for some reason, Capcom sees this title as a premium over any Street Fighter games, as they want $20 for this one. Go figure.