Hot Shots: World Invitational Receives Free Update

The Vita’s lone golf game is receiving an online boost. Hot Shots: World Invitational is being spruced up with some obvious inclusions that arguably should have been there from the start, and others that are a nice topping on one of the console’s best titles.

From the obvious category comes online stroke play, or as most people know it, the most basic form of golf on the planet. For some reason, this was left to Ad Hoc play only. Also in the “duh” section is match play, which in standard Hot Shots form is the first player to go three holes up on their opponent wins.

In the spiffy section comes private tournaments, previously open to the entire world. Eight players can be supported. Speaking of those worldwide tournaments, players will be slapped with a rating so everyone will know how good (or terrible) you are. Daily tournaments are now down to one per day, but carry a season ranking. That puts more pressure on each performance, so that’s a positive.

No word on whether this edition of Hot Shots will see DLC courses or characters.