Week in Arcade: Deadlight

The Summer rolls on… or rather, the Summer of Arcade with this $15 platformer.


Mood and atmosphere dominate this platformer reminiscent of the classic Out of This World and/or Flashback. Controls even mimic those 16-bit era titles in that they come off as often clumsy, but imprecise with a purpose of establishing character. Pushed into the mid 1980s, Deadlight concerns the routine zombie apocalypse, but not so much the usual routine dispatch of the undead. This is more survival and quick wits than outright combativeness. That’s the trait that saves it. Players are silhouetted against wonderful backdrops, a lo0k that gives the violence power and weight well beyond the usual streams of blood. A stamina meter turns out to be an annoyance (it’s thin), but also raises tension against groups. This isn’t about being overpowering, and that’s a memorable trait.