Hybrid Debuts, Then Gets Pulled, from XBLA

The third-person shooter from 5th Cell (Scribblenauts) was available for purchase this morning as the next game in line for the Summer of Arcade promotion. Hyrbid had a beta phase, but it apparently wasn’t enough to work out all of the kinks.

Upon downloading, players were greeted with server errors as soon as they tried getting into the menu. A few may have made it further, while a select number may have even seen gameplay. However, those numbers were apparently miniscule.

Instead of keeping players frustrated or turning new downloaders off, Hyrbid has been pulled until the kinks are worked out. The word from 5th Cell is that this fix-it period should take care of any issues down the road too. When it’s live (again) Hyrbid will be featured in MPG’s Week of Arcade feature.