Week in Arcade: Hyrbid

Just a few weeks left in the Summer of Arcade, and next up is this $15 online shooter.


You can’t move in Hybrid, or rather, you can’t move out of cover. You can strafe around looking for a safe zone, but as far as the ground is concerned, you’re not moving. What pulls you out of safety is a jetpack which can zoom to locations when the pressure mounts. The idea is novel, and gravity plays no role. Cover is available upside down on ceilings too. Kill streaks lead to robot helpers and can be combined for a nice slate of protection, and they rack up quick. One, three, and five kills is all it takes to maximize firepower. Hybrid’s troubles are all technical, including server issues which seem cleared up now and some glitches which froze the entire hardware. That’s rough, and it’s an online only shooter on XBLA. Those tend not to last. Still, the time spent with actual people will probably be pretty enjoyable.