DayZ To Move Out Of Its Parents House; Becomes Its Own Game

DayZ for the longest time has been the go-to watercooler topic for popular games. Its open ended, zombie survival shenanigans drew in people and did it all as a mod to ArmA II. Which is the probably the only reason at this point why anyone would buy ArmA II.

Luckily, if you don’t want to install an entirely separate game to play another game, DayZ is going to become its own standalone game. According to the dev blog, development of the original mod and the standalone game will run parallel to each other so you won’t miss out on any new features if you continue playing the mod when the standalone releases. They’ve also announced that they’re going to follow Minecraft‘s sales model, churning out updates quickly during alpha while letting early adopters get big discounts before the game officially completes.

They even have a placeholder website ready for you F5ing, information junkies.

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