Gaige the Mechromancer Confirmed To Release October 16 for Borderlands 2

For me, pre-ordering a game is essentially committing to buying a game before it comes out and before I know if I want it. And of course, Gamestop wants to eliminate that doubt by offering incentives. At least now, one of those incentives for Borderlands 2 is a little less vague on its delivery.

Gaige the Mechromancer, the extra DLC character for Borderlands 2, will be available to download on October 16 for $9.99 or 800 MSP. And like everyone’s been saying for months now, pre-order from Gamestop or any other select retailer and you’ll become a Premiere Club member who can download Gaige for free along with a slew of other extra DLC goodies.

If you’re interested in  Borderlands 2 (and who isn’t?) but have a vendetta against Gamestop (and who doesn’t?), just know that the retailers that offer Premiere Club status for pre-ordering also includes Best Buy and Amazon.

And for your information, I’m still unsure about committing to Borderlands 2 and pre-ordering it. But that’s okay, because if I jump on late, I’m probably going to play Zer0 the most.

from Gearbox

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