Week in Arcade: Double Dragon Neon, Red Johnson’s Chronicles

Two titles, $20, one week.

Double Dragon Neon

Technique and Double Dragon are rarely associated with one another, so franchise devotees may find themselves jarred into a modern reality when Neon requests precision timing. Core, basic combos hit like a brick, but they’re not the focus. Upgradeable special moves (indicated with ’80s riffs in the menus) present different flourishes, and a duck maneuver is a savior when up against temporarily invincible foes in a crowd. While always a little off, DD was never quite this goofy, although as an excuse to celebrate elements of all beat-em-ups (including all of the core DD games), it comes off as a pleasant nod to a genre that deserves another run.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All

A tough adventure title with loads of voice work, grand art, and hefty file size. This world adores vintage roots, tinted with a bit of sepia during cinematics and exploding with color elsewhere. Puzzles will keep people busy for a while, although this one doesn’t have the charms of a Telltale title. This is more style for sure. Mechanics are varied so rarely are you doing the same thing twice. Fun material for the die-hard adventure follower.