New PlayStation 3 Models Unveiled, Plus New Vita Colors

Sony is staking one last claim in their aging PS3 hardware with a third iteration. Few consoles make it to a third run via the first party company (i.e, the 3DO doesn’t count), so it’s some measure of success that puts this unit alongside the Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, and briefly, the Intellivision.

The now slimmer hardware comes in 250GB and 500GB models and will be available here in the states in a matter of days, September 25th, in a bundle with Uncharted 3 for $270. Japan has to wait until October, but will score an all-white model. The only question? What’s it called? The PS3 slim was already a media acronym for the previous revision. The PS3 Slimmer? Slimmest?

In taking the stage at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony is also trying to make strides with the Vita, showcasing Red and Blue colored units along with the addition of PlayStation Plus. That’s not quite as exciting, but at least Sony acknowledges the hardware exists.

Image: Kotaku