Week in Arcade: Realms of Ancient War, Jet Set Radio

Two games. One original. One port. $25 total.

Realms of Ancient War

At their core, just about any action RPG will garner attention. Virtual loot is that addictive. On the other hand, it’s hard to ignore all that Realms does wrong, from exaggerated death animations that don’t indicate when something is killed, awful color choices that make enemies blend, non-existent contrast that hides more than just enemies, dim AI that gets stuck on environments, and looping music that will make you run mad. It’s too much to ask $15, one of those you’ll probably pick up as a genre fan down the line for half off, play through, and forget about. The loot is pretty satisfying after all.

Jet Set Radio

Sega dips back into their extravagant list of Dreamcast classics and comes back with this HD remix of the original graffiti title. Still wholly unique even after an Xbox sequel, Jet Set is counter culture, saturation, and totally Japanese. The setting of Tokyo-to is the stage for rebellion against clumsy police as mounting beats blare in the background, one of the best non-licensed soundtracks of the era. Few fit better than this. Pacing and goals are entirely Jet Set’s own. If the title has eluded you prior to this launch day, it’s time to give this ageless title a run.