Week in Arcade: Hell Yeah, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins

Two titles vying to be champion of the $15 price point.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Spectacular 2D effort with some of the best sprite work this generation. Players control a hell-leading rabbit exposed by a paparazzi and he ventures out to clear his name. Overloaded with fourth wall breaking gags, snappy writing, and fluid movement, Hell Yeah is a surprise. This rabbit comes packed with a super saw blade as he sets out to slaughter monsters, gain new powers, and drill through objects. Think the Game Boy Advance classic Drill Dozer mixed with a bit of Metroid for the cleanest comparison, but really, this is one you need to be trying for yourself.

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins

This combo pack of two often unseen Capcom fighters is worth it just to have decent domestic editions. The best versions resided on the Saturn with additional hardware required in a RAM pack. Often overshadowed by Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Marvel vs Capcom in its original form was quite creative, with awesome 2D backdrops, traditionally styled music, and a better controlled fighting environment. Chaos was being brought into the forefront, but it’s manageable. Marvel Super Heroes offers a small roster with tighter gameplay that eschews the insanity soon to be brought into the franchise. A war over gems breaks up gameplay to balance the title even in the favor of newcomers. These are good ports too.