NBA Live 13 Was Meant for Xbox Live Arcade Today

This is a rare Wednesday without out a Xbox Live Arcade release, dating back at least a year if not more. The reason? According to Major Nelson, NBA Live 13 was meant to be issued on the service this morning. Since it was recently cancelled, that leaves a gaping hole in the line-up, and some Friday releases being prepped instead.

EA’s responses have been unspecific, even as they were probed by a variety of sites for specific answers. “No comment,” was particularly run into the ground.

EA salvaged their NBA Jam brand after it almost died with NBA Elite 11. After being issued as a retail title and failing, their dumped a tweaked edition onto the Live Arcade (and PSN), but certainly, Jam is more conducive to the Arcade arena than Live. If it’s true, this was EA trying to recoup costs, but figuring the damage to the brand wasn’t worth it… as if it hasn’t been destroyed beyond repair already.