Week in Arcade: NiGHTS Into Dreams HD

One game that was supposed to be two (Sonic Adventure 2 went live with errors and was pulled) this week.

NiGHTS Into Dreams

Reborn not long ago in a drastically different Wii editions, Nights (no oddball spelling here) is finally brought over in its original, free flowing, flight-based Saturn form, with the addition of bonus Christmas Nights content. Nights is unique in that it’s quite complex and ill-explained, but once in the mix, it’s as beautiful as they come, whether that’s visually or in its motion. Nights only fault is that it might be too complex, although signs are hopeful that this stunning HD make-over may pull people in long enough to master these curved courses filled with loops and bubbles. Once you’re hooked with the playful music and tight control that signaled the beginning of the console analog era, Nights is tough to let go.