Week in Arcade: Worms Revolution, Naughty Bear

This week isn’t cheap at $30 for two titles.

Worms Revolution

It’s Worms… with water and physics. Awesome. New weapons surround the fresh water concepts, liquid that can be broken free from enclosed areas to push down worms in line, or maybe water balloons do the same thing. Drowning is only instantaneous on the bottom of the screen, so falling into a collection of water on the stage isn’t permanent. The always popular hiding strategy is removed as well. Objects can be let loose to crush or roll down the maps, breaking otherwise perfect, conformable homes. The move to entirely polygonal Worms has dimmed the feeling of polish, but the 2D plane is still a ton of strategic fun. Single player may even be worth a look with a sassy British voice over commanding the player.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

Why are we here again? The first Naughty Bear was a critically maligned farce, a great concept run amok into a pile of gameplay clumsiness. Instead of a retail destination, the series has turned digital, and with no apparent fixes to the concepts. Players still control a deranged teddy bear, hacking and slashing at his non-friends who are having a great time. Stealth gameplay remains dull, and when caught, the fighting systems are executed without a glaze of polish. Collision is all over the place. Visuals are dry and lacking detail. Can we end this “series” now?