Darkstalkers Acknowleged by Capcom, Gets XBLA/PSN Release

One of the oft forgotten fighters of Capcom’s running line of 2D classics, Darkstalkers is finally seeing light as a digital release on XBLA and PSN. The bundle includes two games (why not all three is anyone’s guess), Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, both of them sequels. The original game is left to its devices apparently, although it’s a game that almost unanimously crushed under the weight of the superior, refined follow-ups.

The collection comes with a title that spurs hope for a new entry or HD remake, Darkstalkers Resurrection. You’ll be battling in colorful, Gothic horror arenas early next year with the usual slate of graphical filters (eww) and online play.

Where’s this leave us? Begging for re-dos of Tech Romancer, Plasma Sword, Power Stone, or Rival Schools. Hey, something has take Darkstalkers’ place.