Xbox 360 Getting Price Drop, Possibly Temporary, Possibly Only GameStop (Update)

Update: This reduced price refers to special holiday bundles. These special editions are available at the basic roster of retailers, including Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Amazon.

Normally, you’d call these a “sale.” When a system takes a cut – against thin retailer profit margins – it becomes a price drop.

Users looking to get in on the ground floor of the Xbox 360 with a 4GB unit can snag one at GameStop for a paltry $150, the lowest price ever for Microsoft’s hardware. Other units are receiving a price cut as well at an equal amount of $50 off. The 4GB units with a Kinect and 250GB units are dropping to $250, while the 250GB unit with Kinect takes a dip into the $350 price point.

This sale/price drop/discount begins today, Sunday the 14th and runs until either this is confirmed as a drop across retailer or until GameStop says so. If you’re in the market or maybe want an extra, $150 entry fee is quite fair. This sale comes after Microsoft’s attempt at a $100 Xbox rent-to-own plans, which puts that idea in a dubious place now that contracts have been signed.