Halo 4 Leaked Into Wild, Internet

Via a source that has not been disclosed, Halo 4 is in the hands of a select few. As it generally goes, those with an early retail copy have uploaded the title to torrents, and the pirates are having a field day… on soon-to-be banned Xbox 360 consoles that is.

While Microsoft deals with authorities regarding the leak (and thus theft) of retail copies, they’re striking hard at pirates who could see their account or console banned from the service forever. Details are sketchy, but there’s little doubt the bans couldn’t happen to “nicer” people.

If the leak has taught us anything, it’s that Halo 4 will require 8GB of HDD space (or an equivalent amount of space on a USB thumbstick) to play multiplayer. A second disc inside the case holds the data for versus content. Purchasers of 4GB consoles will need to expand their hardware with a bigger HDD or take the cheaper alternative via USB.