Week in Arcade: Serious Sam 3, Zombie Driver

Have $25 to spare? Then you can blow it on this weeks dual Xbox Live Arcade releases.

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Wildly fun update to the classic series that only chugs because it’s running on (now) underpowered hardware. Pop-up can be severe, but enemies are always in view as they charge en masse at Sam. Levels can be confusing, certainly being honest to the style of classic shooters. Shotguns reign supreme and most fired projectiles can easily be dodged. The sense of sadistic humor is fully intact, while character designs keep their iconic looks and traits. Guns have superior feel and carnage sells the impact. Great work.

Zombie Driver

Resoundingly fun top down racer with a pinch of a 2011 classic Renegade Ops. Controls can be awfully clumsy to handle large crowds (even with a plethora of available customization options), but leveling up, picking up survivors, and firing off flamethrowers to manage the horde is a blast. Visuals are often too dark for their own good, but most of the zombies are ancillary anyway. Important ones carry a red marker beneath their feet, making missions are breeze. It’s a shame this isn’t dual stick though.