Borderlands Legends Leaked, Coming to iOS

A recent leak of Borderlands 2‘s digital strategy guide says that Borderlands is coming to mobile and tablet platforms in the form of Borderlands Legends, which will allow you to play as the original four Vault Hunters, Roland, Mordecai, Lilit, and Brick.

The ad from the guide suggests that the experience will be different from the consoles, optimized for what the iOS can do. While there will be thousands of different weapons, there will also be 36 powers and abilities, a cover mechanic, and a new Fight for Your Life game mode, all while taking on waves of enemies. If all this sounds interesting, you’ll be happy to know that Borderlands Legends will be dropping later this month. The classic leveling and upgrading system will also be in this game along with earning cash to buy new weapons. Basically, everything about Borderlands but on the go.

I’ve come to become attached to my Commando and his plucky little turret, so I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back to the original four Vault Hunters. But if Borderlands Legends takes the lessons of Borderlands 2 with it, I’d be tempted to give it a try if I had a capable mobile device.

via IGN

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